Your Dream Internship, the easy 6 ways to chase it!

An “internship” works as a two-way path. Firstly, an intern gets the first-hand opportunity to practically test the theories learned during his college days and secondly, the employers get to see the workplace-capability of the potential employees at job.It would be like a win-win situation on the both sides.As an internship pursued will definitely make a college graduate’s resume look good and will definitely help one in getting better job prospectus in near future. Yes it’s true…..through internships, students gain hands-on experience and which helps in building a better network of great contacts for them and, not the least, that can lead them to more job opportunities in coming future. Nowadays as the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. Here are some additional tips and tricks that would help you in getting to your dream internship, Follows as such:-

  1.  An internship is the only way to gain valuable life experience. These days it has become common among students in taking a year out from their studies to go overseas for work. It’s mostly seen amongst American students. With cheap flights available, Skype interviews getting increasingly popular and apt with the social media tools like Twitter and Facebook ,it’s certainly not difficult nowadays to stay in touch with family and friends even when located miles and miles away! The present International banking system has become fundamental to those going abroad especially students. The online banking and other financial services have made their day-to-day life easier in many ways.
  2. When it comes to finding an internship in today’s competitive market and that to an overseas one, having a flawless resume won’t make much of a difference. It’s been seen as; more than half of the managers residing over the interviews don’t offer interviews to job candidates having weak resumes.
  3. Managers conducting the interviews during the selection process for the probable interns for job are likely to have a close look at you and your CV and any indifference can break the chances of landing in your dream internship. Spelling errors are considered to be unacceptable and other offense than can cause in a blunder and even time gaps on a resume can be hazardous.
  4. To make your resume stand out amongst the other piled resumes, an able candidate must focus on in being reasonable and to get engaged during the interview process. The main reason why most of the able candidates are able to make it through the selection process successfully is because of their inability to directly and clearly answer questions and to showcase their skills and experience.
  5. Candidates, they themselves at times tend to drop their chances of clearing the interviews by creating silly mistakes like having lack of eye contact, checking you phone during the interview, fidgeting and at times to be seated in a bad posture. Some managers even take the leverage of discussing their interview experiences on social networks, which can be a shameful experience to share. So, to learn from it, a candidate should always be engaged, then to add to should actively ask and answer questions during interviews and be authentic.
  6. Most of the managers during the interview, want their winning candidate to be loud and clear which could be seen as a trait. It’s all about for the candidates to make their point clear so that the interviewer can understand them better. Beyond the tactical advices and soft skills a respectful attitude is also needed in showing a genuine interest in the job which is important for new graduates to part themselves from the competition during an interview.

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