Many of us plan to live in Manchester. Here are some facts that everyone should know about manchester.

Manchester is located in northwest of England. It is a city having great industrial heritage. It was a textile powerhouse in 18th century. It can easily be traced with the help of Museum of Science & Industry. Manchester achieved city status in 1853, the first new British city for three hundred years. The Manchester Ship Canal opened in 1894. It is the longest river navigation canal in the world. After second world war, Manchester started fading its charm at that time.

Manchester is the third-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors. First is London and Edinburgh is second.  It has great architecture, culture, music, and sports clubs. It was once a dirty industrial town but today it has restructured itself and looks like a dazzling destination. It is a modern city with great heritage. It has many free museums and free art galleries. Weather is not so good but there are plenty of thing that can keep you busy irrespective of weather.

It’s a mind blowing city, loaded with each nationality and it’s recently mint. You can get from one side of the downtown area to the next in 10 minutes and not pay a fortune, and it’s not simply Manchester but rather everybody northern is recently friendlier than the dominant part of southerners, however, Manchester resembles the capital of the north yet superior to London since we are really more pleasant individuals considering the poor climate. This doesn’t generally answer your question yet in the event that you moved to Manchester or any place in more noteworthy Manchester you’d comprehend what I mean, we’re one huge group, both red and blue yet at the same time faithful as mutts to each other. We will suggest anyone considering moving here to do it.  Manchester ought to be the capital city however. It’s recently better.

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