GodCare India is a well reputed TOURIST VISA SERVICE PROVIDER having a good trust from its clients. The Organization is a significant source of comfort for tour agencies and corporate groups from all over India for their VISA needs. We offer tourist visa assistance to all Indian citizens and foreign citizens currently living in India. The company serves travel agents and to corporate groups throughout India. The company helps to secure visas for family groups, corporate vacation, Honeymooners, pure individual travelers or Incentive trips. We plan, give counseling and perform travel plans for your loved ones; be it for business, pleasure or for a brief recluse/ balanced social association and isolation situation.

A tourist visa is a record or mark stating that a person is provisionally authorized to enter or leave the nation for which it was allotted, subject to the approval of an immigration official at the time of actual entry. The authorization is a stamp endorsed on the applicant’s passport. The country issuing the visa typically attaches various provisions of stay, such as the region covered by the visa, dates of validity, a time period of stay, the number of visits visa is valid for, etc.

The above said restrictions do not apply to the Schengen Area which is a group of 26 European countries that have eliminated passport and immigration restrictions at their shared borders. It functions as a single country for global travel purposes, with a common visa policy.

Touring in Europe has been simplified with the foundation of the Schengen visa. As a visitor to the Schengen area, you can enjoy many benefits of this consolidated visa system. With a Schengen visa, you may enter one country and travel freely everywhere in the Schengen area during the validity of the visa. Internal border controls are limited with no or few stops and checks.