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About the Industry :

The information technology (IT) industry in recent years has become one of the most robust, well known and reputed industries in the world to work in. IT has increased productivity, particularly in the developed world, and therefore is a key driver to the global economic growth. IT industry comprises of both software development and the hardware, which comprises everything from computer systems, to the design, implementation, study and development of IT and management systems etc. IT sector itself is a vast world. We would like to share some of the professions that the IT graduates would like going in for and that are most sought for Overseas IT Recruitment.

Computer games developer

If you have a passion for computer games and enjoy using your imagination in creating hi-tech games then, this could be an ideal profession for you. Computer games developers produce games for PCs and game consoles and also produce games for the internet and mobile phones. Their work could involve making new games or updating existing ones.

Computer service and repair technician

If you want to be in IT sector and enjoy fixing things, this job could be ideal profession for you as it implies with the fixing of the hardware part of the computers. A computer service and repair should have good customer service skills and one also needs to be patient and should have an organized approach.

Database administrator

Database administrators (DBAs) design and build computer systems and also ensure that they are working properly. DBAs have an excellent understanding of computer systems to which they need a high level of accuracy and attention to detail and also needs strong problem-solving and organisational skills. For most of the graduates who are looking to step into this field need to know how to use database management systems.

Information scientist

Information scientists take upon an organisation’s IT resources. They also ensure that the data needed by employees is readily available. Data resources include computerised databases, shared online services etc. If you want a job in IT with lots of variety and also if you have excellent computer skills and are well organised, this may be the right choice for you.

IT project manager

IT project managers manage the planning, development and installation of computer softwares to meet their clients’ business needs. They are found in all types of organisations. If you’re well organized and have a good solving problem skills with excellent IT skills, you may easily find opportunities for a rewarding career in this field. To get into this profession, one needs experience of working on projects.

Network engineer

Network engineers, they are also known as network administrators. Their job is to install and maintain the computers in an organisation. If you have a good solving skills related to computers and like to keep up to date with the developments in technology, this could be a great career for you. This job requires strong IT skills with good speaking and listening skills and to explain complex technical things in a very clear manner.

Software developer

Software developers, also known as software programmers, design, build and test computer softwares that are required at home and to run day to day matters of huge organizations through computer systems and to carry out work more effectively with their immense knowledge of various software programmes. Examples of work include information databases, programs that control robotic systems, and cloud and mobile applications etc.

Systems analyst

Systems analysts look at companies’ IT infrastructure and to work it out effectively and suggests where improvements can be made. If you have a good understanding of computer hardware, software and programming, this can be a lucrative offer for you. One also needs an excellent communication skills to explain ideas and plans about the non-technical staff.

Technical architect or IT systems architect

Technical architects help plan and design IT solutions for clients. For example, they might work to integrate several separate client websites into one ‘platform’, that’s available across different hardware, like PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Web developer

Web developers design, build and maintain websites and web applications as per their client’s needs. Jobs ranging from creating a staff intranet for an organisation to building a payment system for an online retailer, everything is included. If you are looking for a varied job with finding creative ways to solve problems then, this could be the career for you.

Web designer

Web designers show their creative and technical skills to build new websites and redesign the existing ones. They have the capability to work on any online site from a retailer’s catalogue to a company’s home page.

IT Technical consultant

Technical consultants provide technical expertise, and develop and implement IT systems for external clients. They can be involved at any or all stages of the project lifecycle: refining a specification with the client’s team; designing the system; managing part or all of the project; after sales support… or even developing the code.

Software tester

Bugs can be disastrous to the productivity and image of an IT firm. Testers try to find out all possible ways to an application or system might be used and how it could fail. They don’t necessarily program but they do need to have a good understanding of codes. Testers prepare test scripts and macros to analyse results and are reverted back to the project leaders so that the fixing can be made. Testers can also be involved at the early stages of projects in order to predict any unsuspected dangers before the work begins.