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More overseas jobs

GodCare India mainly does recruitment in Medical, Hospitality and IT industries. But we are not limited to these three sectors. There are more overseas jobs where we can assist you.  We have successfully helped our candidates to fulfill their dreams in other industries too. Our clients are highly satisfied with our services to them. These factors motivate us to be more active in job seeking and job placement in different countries.

We also do recruitment in other categories which are like as follows:


Aviation Industry is a booming industry in and around the globe. We help our candidates to reach the right clients. We do help clients getting Engineers and other Workers for Aviation industry globally.


The availability of jobs in construction industry is not limited. We help our clients to pick the best Civil Engineers, other Engineers, Draftsmen, Architects and Workers for construction industry.


Educating a child is like educating future generation. We help education institution to find the appropriate Professors and teachers for spreading the knowledge to the next generation. We also help our clients to get administrators for their institution for smooth running of the same.


Getting the best candidate here is a tough job but we help our clients in making their hiring jobs hassle free. We assist our clients around the globe to pick the best available talents in Accountants and Auditors for their industries.


Production Industry is a never ending process. It is a combination of innovation and application of the same for creating a new product and recreating the existing products. Here minor errors are also not allowed. So we assist our clients to pick the most experienced and talented Engineers (Automobile, Mechanical etc.) and Workers for their industries.

Real Estate

This industry requires employees who have the ability to convince and attract their prospecting clients. So we provide them with the best available Business Developers, Executives, Marketers and Salesmen.


Our happiness is to serve the entire candidates and clients coming to us. So we help foreign companies to find experienced and expertise Secretaries, Assistants, Store keepers, Electricians, Housekeepers, Office boys etc.