Managing a Part-Time Job during Internship

Managing a Part-Time Job during Internship!

Schools are out and many will be looking to do an internship. At such a time a question that arises most frequently is, “Will I be able to manage time for a part-time job during my internship?” Below mentioned are a few tips to help you effectively manage both:

Make your Schedule and follow

During your internship, plan your work schedule with your employer. Leaving things can make it quiet difficult to manage. If your internship is unpaid, you should only be interning minimum to 12-20 hours per week. If your employer hasn’t planned a schedule for you, take the initiative in making one for you and run accordingly after his approval. Let them know you are really having a good time here and is interested in managing a part-time job as well to meet your expenses so will have no problem in getting together a regular schedule.

Impress your employer

Since you will be managing your internship and part-time job together, take the opportunity to sit back late or perform better than what your boss have usually expected from you. For example, you are interning on a Wednesday and for some reason you don’t have to go for your part-time work in evening. Normally, you have to leave your internship right at 4PM to make it to your job on time. Since you don’t have to leave for your work, take it as an opportunity to sit back late and intern for an hour more. Show the employer that you take your work seriously.

Stay Results Oriented At Both Places

Stays focused and give the best to both your job and internship so that you can finish all your assignments and get some rest! When you pursue both together, think about what results you need to achieve. At the beginning of your shift at both places, put together a plan of action and stay focused until achieve it. Keep small talks with the people there for later.

Plan ahead and carry your stuffs.

It’s always important to be organized and keep your work stuff handy. In fact, on days that you don’t need to go to work after internship, just try to wear a black trouser to the office to minimize the time it takes to change. If you are working in a big city, better would be taking an additional bag with you to work to carry your work stuff. This way you can be always prepared!

Have a Calendar System

Many of us would either be using a Lilly Pulitzer Planner or your phones as a calendar system. Both work well. Whatever the method be, make sure you are using something and have it with you always. If you need to attend an extra orientation session for your internship or an intern night out pops up then note it down. Don’t live in an assumption that you will be remembering everything.

“De-Stress” factor at work

To avoid heat at work, make sure you are finding out some time for yourself to distress. If you spend more time doing your internship, job or with friends – then when would you have time for yourself? Carve out time and there are various other activities out there to kill your stress like going to gym, going for walks or just lie down to relax and listen to some music, which will be soothing to ears. It’s important to make time for yourself to unplug and take that time very seriously. We all think, we can do it all and thrive to be busy but our body and mind need to slowdown.

And finally – What it states is! You can be good at managing your job as well as your internship together but, by not having a proper balance between then it can be a kayos.

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