Linkedin Connection limits:

If you are using LinkedIn for business purpose, should be aware of the LinkedIn connection limits, it will help you in the long run.

Linkedin has a limit of total 5000 connection in the lifetime of an account. Below is the text from the linkedin website itself :

LinkedIn initially allows all users to send up to 5000 invitations. This limit is an automatic method to prevent accidental abuse and protect both senders and recipients.

The limit is in place only to prevent abuse, not to block invitations sent by careful inviters. LinkedIn encourages all users to connect to their trusted professional contacts, and to others who welcome connections with new contacts. Users who limit their invitations to these two groups have high invitation acceptance rates and LinkedIn will usually raise the limit for such inviters.

If you have encountered the limit, you can contact Customer Service to find out more about how the limit works, and how it can be raised.

You need to have a higher acceptance rate in the first six months. Also, if you have sent more than 500 requests in starting six months, you should stop now. Be very selective while sending connection requests because if the acceptance rate is less than 70%, it is more likely your account is in trouble.

You can “withdraw” your sent invitations anytime but it does not help much as every sent invitation has a count of one and that does not get reduced when you withdraw your invitation.


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