Life of an Intern while doing internship

Tempt yourself to work hard even when feeling low or exhausted at work, while interning can be like a sour thing told to gulp. As an Intern, the value of holding a degree resides on your shoulders which can make self-motivation a bit painful.

But don’t give up! You might feel stressed, exhausted while working, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There are plenty of ways to fell better from taking a preventive planning to give a pat on your back by the end of a day.

Want to know how to keep yourself on the right path despite all the stress? Here are some top tips to excel it.

A Reward for Working Hard

It’s been seen as, rewarding a good work leads to an extra effort in showcasing your work.

Rewarding yourself after a long tiring day at work means you’re much more likely to open to qualities like new ideas, working intellectually and not giving up. Compliment your work when you deserve it and would feel much more inclined towards in keeping up the good work! Keep it up.

Rely on some “TED Talks”

Nowadays, there are lots of free-to-access TED Talk portals available online of which many of them can be inspirational and can help in relaxing. Once you step out of your home, there are lots of things and means available to get motivated, it’s all out there you just have to find it.So, just sit back and take the helpful advices from the people around you – because, motivation doesn’t cost a penny!

Work Smart not bluntly!

During your Internships, while at work to unfold your work in a systematic manner and to get the ease of multitasking, try to create a work schedule for you and adhere to it to well manage your work and keep your bosses happy.

At the beginning you might get little scared of the thought of organizing your work schedule to meet all those deadlines and would rather push it to the back corner of your mind instead. By creating a work schedule, you could well utilize your time at work and helps you to excel over it, bite sized pieces that don’t seem half as hard to handle. You can also find plenty of advices on how to create a perfect work schedule online.

Ask Experts

When in a foreign country and living in a community can be safe and cozy, especially when you are on your own living miles away from home and the comforts of it. As an intern, be reluctant to keep yourself open to online communities, a brilliant way to fight against the downfalls at work. Never hesitate to speak about the difficulties you may face at work at various forums that are organized at your work premises. Share your experience with other employees with the same opinion to realize you’re not alone. You can find plenty of shoulders to cry on.


During your internships one doesn’t need to stress about dissertations to meet deadlines. How about a pencil in a day to stay in your formals and binge on of the Netflix shows? Or write about your recent night out experience with your mates? There would certainly be no harm in taking some time off!

You’re bound to feel much more refreshed, confident and get ready for your work after setting some time aside for yourself. Work is important, but it shouldn’t consume every aspect of your life! Remember

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