Internship Selection Process – Points to be in mind for interns

As a blogger, I think it speaks for itself. Students, I want to help you, but at times you make things hard for yourself, for me to help you. Here are 5 ways you are making it hard for me to help you in landing in your dream internship. Remember, I want you to succeed but things are not going to come easy! So, let‘s go:

1.     Including a Cover Letter

I’ll tell you guys how annoyed I feel in taking this pain everyday in letting you all know while preparing for your Internships? During your selection process, if the concerned person comes across a great resume with no cover letter, he may get tentative in choosing it and may ask how come there is no cover letter attached with it? Suppose, there are 10 internships offered by a firm, out of which one you need to select one. By looking at a resume without a cover letter the person in charge may not get a clear idea about which internship are you planning to apply for? And chanced will be there that you may get rejected. Don’t help them, help yourself! Always include a cover letter so that the person looking at your document knows you are serious about the position and some thought have been put into it by you.

2.     Applying For Multiple Cities

If you are looking to be an intern at different companies across Germany, then you have to mention it in your cover letter. If the person in charge of your documents sees that, you’ve applied for opportunities in Leipzig and Frankfurt, it would give an impression that you are undecided about where you want to be over the summer. In such cases, he would be hesitant to tell the employer in Leipzig to call and check with you if you are serious to be there for this summer. Make sure you very specifically mention it on your cover letter and explain your ability to relocate.

3.     An Internship or a Job

What are you planning to pursue after your graduation, an Internship or a job? While approaching and internship consultant or a company then, do mention your reason. Again, if you are graduating, then I’m confused. Why are you applying for an internship instead of a job? Explain that too clearly in the cover letter. Helps to understand better!

4.     Stand out with your CV

An internship provider may be receiving a lot resumes and cover letters on daily basis which may or may not be special. Providers may not get that feel with your CV as it would be having the same materials like others. In simple, do not send in Junk. Give them a special feel! Save your materials as your first name with their company name. After all, your job at that stage would be to make the employer feel special.

5.     Make a thorough check

After drafting your CV with the cover letter, do thoroughly go through it again and again at least 4-5 times. To do check if there are any errors like the misspellings, grammatical errors and much more to find it. After all it’s for you future, so don’t compromise on silly mistakes.


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