How to get an Internship in Hospitality Sector

  1. Contact the hotel: One of the best ways to find an internship is to contact the hotel directly if they are having any open positions. If they have a vacancy, they will ask you to send your CV. If they shortlisted your CV, they will call you for an interview.
  2. Check with your college:  This is one of the best ways to get an internship in a hotel. Many colleges send CVs of their students to hotels. If shortlisted, they get a call for interview from respective hotel. 
How to go for it ?

Classroom education and hands on experience, both are a vital part for a successful career.
When called for interview, start checking company’s details. Also, have some questions to ask from your side too in interview.

Two abilities are viewed as essential while choosing a candidate for internships. These are:
1. Customer service skills – 
Capacity to work under pressure and ability to remain organised out and concentrated on jobs that needs to be done.
2. Communication skills – Command over the language and a know how of industry.

Why opt for a hotel management internship?

The easiest way to secure a job at the leading hotels is by interning with them. The colleges usually help students secure internships at hotels. The hotel management industry is all about treating one’s customer right and this experience can only be gained if students learn to interact properly with guests. Working in a hotel requires a lot of skills like interpersonal communication (oral & written), interacting well with diverse cultures/ groups, knowledge of community resources, researching & planning, and critical thinking that get taught in hotel management courses but you only get to implement it during the internship. A friendly personality and a desire to help genuinely is a pre-requisite for the industry. 

Some Pro tips:

Prepare a field specific resume – In such a competitive world of hospitality you must stand out with your well crafted resume. Be very clear with the details you mention over it.

The customer is always right – Do all that you can to transform an annoyed visitor’s concern into a decent story that they will need to share of how you went above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee their great experience. See each grievance as a chance to enhance the way your lodging capacities.

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