Internships are done outside of college, which is essential for getting job after graduation, as well as the knowledge acquired from them. However, it doesn’t matter what you did during your classes while in session like taking a random class like Anthropology 111 or a class required for your major. Every class helps in shaping your future. Here are some ways, how your college prepares you for the real world:

Be punctual for your class

In colleges, professors are considered as bosses. It’s your duty to be in the class while the lectures are on. If you are a latecomer or don’t show up regularly without a warning, then, you may have a hard time. Too many penalties can likely make you flunk in the class. Flunking can be equivalent to getting fired. Being lazy and with such a mentality by saying, “Oh. I don’t feel like going to class today”. Living all throughout your college life with this sort of a mentality, won’t earn you the pennies at work.

Stand out, Arrange and Utilize

Treat your notes in class as your resume. Make a point to stand out among others. Professors may not get the time to check everything what’s on the paper as they may have to check somewhere between 30 to 200 papers daily. They just intend to check the material and know how to utilize it, just like how a recruiter keeps a check on you in knowing how well you fit the job description. Reach out to your professors, always. Ask them any number of questions. Regularly get feedback from them. The more feedback you get, the more versed you will be, take this experience like an opportunity in gaining a feedback from your supervisor. You want to know how you can improve in your job depending on the industry you want to go into. Take advices from your professors before drafting a cover letter or a resume for you.

Adapting to Team Work

Team mates that you might have during your internship period need not necessarily be your friends. Make yourself familiar in working with people belonging from different regions and culture, who might be part of your team. See, which group that you fit in the best, whether it’s the leader or the person in charge of making this process look pretty. You are going to play different role in each group, so adapt well in managing each role given to you. Do your part and don’t let others do it for you. Don’t take all the responsibilities on your head as the responsibilities will be equally divided.


Contributing to meaningful and class discussions is like pushing for new ideas. Your professors will always listen to your ideas and what you bring to the table about a particular topic. They don’t necessarily have to agree with all your ideas same goes for your classmates too, but if you show your part of participation then your professors will show there interest in you, especially if participation is a good chunk of your grade. You wouldn’t be sleeping or texting during an important meeting would you?


Make a point talk to as many people as possible in your class, regardless of  whether you know him or not. It will help you to build confidence and overcome shyness while interacting with your teammates during your time as an intern. By talking to your classmates and professors, you’re actually building network. If you find someone in the class whose area of interest is same as yours, then don’t be afraid to talk to them. By doing so, knowledge can be shared…..Who knows? They may even have connections you aren’t even aware of. The same goes for your professors. Most of the professors have worked in their particular industry and then landed here for the teaching. So, they may know someone within the industry who can help you down the line in getting you an internship. Here’s a tip: Always keep a good bonding with your ex-professors, as you may not know who can help out in getting an internship in your area of interest. Understand, more professors see you, the more he or she will get to know you and help you down the line.

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