Choice for an intern: Does the size of the company matters?

 As Summer Internship are around the corner and many of you would be deciding on what type and size company you want to work for – a start-up, a mid-sized company, or a large multinational? It really does not make much of a difference where you get your internships done from? But your role may vary as you move from a multinational organization to a midsized company. Sometimes it can be a tough assignment in selecting the right internship for you?

Firstly, don’t be in a misconception, think wise and fair, while taking the decision because you can’t go wrong.

“An Internship is an Internship” whether small of big regardless of its size? The main motive should be in getting hands-on experience, a resume builder and an opportunity to continue in the same field after your graduation.

During the internship, one should learn to enjoy the privileges at working in companies of different sizes, whether it is small or big and the perks one would be receiving in each specific type of internships to choose from.

It’s a trend, that’s been followed these days at big multinationals. Securing an internship for you can an in-depth process. It begins by meeting the Human Resources department because they are the ultimate decision makers during your internship process. They would be the people in the organization, who would be helping and also letting you know with the aspects related to your internships, which includes helping with your application, setting the deadlines, your start and end dates and other things included. Never live with the fact, that the internships can be boring……….Not certainly! It would include a lot of fun activities that you would have the privilege of enjoying during the work hours. On your induction day, an intern would receive an induction kit, which includes your professional portfolios, pens and a lot of other goodies to tap it with. Make the most of it at one of the company lunches organized at one of the campus lawns to having a meal at one of the food trucks available near your office location. These can be the best moments that you can gain as an intern in knowing your teammates and your bosses. It’s part of their work culture. At big companies, there were more people around but I didn’t necessarily have the opportunity to meet with them.

To begin with the advantages of interning at small and mid-sized companies are :- firstly, it’s easier to make a stronger bond with teammates and your bosses at your place of internship. There were less of them and less of us (interns!). The activities that you would be part off as an intern at a small company, but I must tell you it won’t be as “grand” as the one we get to see in large companies. At small companies, was able to help more people. The experience that one gains by working at a big company won’t be experiencing by working at a small company, as an intern. The only real difference was that I felt there were more eyeballs on me.

A few other thoughts I would like to share on this topic. If you are planning to do an internship with a company that offers cool goodies but are bad in promoting them, that’s still okay. Doan internship, make a mark, build a network, and help with as many different tasks as possible. It’s a mood amongst many students these days to intern with multiple companies over the course of their college career.

An open suggestion….after interning at a small company try out in pursuing with a brand name, it helps big time. Your previous experience would help you in landing up with a pretty big name. Having to show both of these opportunities under your CV will help considerably in balancing out your resume and give you a great experience of working with two different sized companies. Hopefully, by the end of your internships, you’ll be able to decide what size company can help you in boosting your carrier after college?


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